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Hey friend!

i'm celestina.

I'm first and foremost a mother and wife. I have an amazing  husband who is my biggest supporter and fan, and my four darling children. We have three boys and our newest addition is a little lady (finally!!).

One thing you really need to know about me is that I absolutely do love what I do, and I HAVE FUN with it. I get excited, I squeal, and I jump up and down during portraits!   My job isn't just my job, it's my passion. I can't imagine myself doing anything else in this world other than capturing raw emotion and true love!


from my hunky husband and darling children!



in my favorite mug, or a Venti from my favorite little shop. 



just about any book. My favorites are dystopian, poetry, fantasy and new adult. 



camera is my 5th baby. 

My sony


for my clients.  I've been all over the U.S., and would love to travel the world next. 



My Top Five

things I'm crazy about

Photograph Wedding in Ireland.

On My Bucket List...

Raise amazing, God-fearing children.

On My Bucket List...

Travel the World with my husband.

On My Bucket List...

Learn to make homemade pasta (& other Italian dishes)

On My Bucket List...

Abolish Human

On My Bucket List...

Get published in my favorite wedding magazine.

On My Bucket List...

My Timeline

where I've been


Was born in Southern California where I also grew up.


Discovered my dad's film negatives - loved holding them up to the light.


Gifted my first ever digital camera, an Olympus. changed my life forever.


Switched over to SONY, who has rocked my world!


 Officially a real business!


 Quit part time job at Best Buy to pursue my dream full-time


Married the man of my dreams. Enough said.


Living the best life, working my dream job! 

Photos you've got to see...

One of the best moments I ever witness is that amazing first look. The moment when the bride or groom sees their partner is always a tear jerker, and one of the most emotional, meaningful minutes of the day. For just a moment, the world sort of stops. I love it! Here are some tips for a truly amazing first look, so take note, brides and grooms.

Amanda & Clint

The Blue Dress Barn recently included a new ceremony site, and wanted to do a session to show how beautiful it is! I could just imagine these many benches filled with loved ones celebrating a wedding day with a happy couple, and know this new ceremony spot will hold many memories to come.

blue dress barn

Sometimes, I get to do sessions for family and friends. It’s not all that often, but when I do, it lends an aspect that is even more special than a wedding or elopement for a brand-new client (as special as those are, of course!). This beautiful bride is one of my best friends, Kim. She’s always been my biggest cheerleader and support system, and she is a true treasure in my life.

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